Habesha Proverb of the day: “Mantilla Neterah neterah ab mereata.” Literal meaning saying a rabbit will jump but return to its habitat. Meaning you can go wherever you want but home is where you’ll always return.

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#FestAfrica Day 2. Loved the unity and culture.

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Continuation of the DC African festival. Nigerian tribal dance performance. #Naija #tribe

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Office of African Affairs 5th Annual DC African festival. Ethiopian performance. #eskista #habesha #eastAfrica #teaminjerawithsheroo

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The awakening continues… #dctogaza #marchforgaza

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Ethiopian band “Zedicus” opening up for @stephenmarley in DC. #habesha #habeshasUnite

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Women in Mali are being tortured. In Syria, they are being raped. In Iraq, women are being jailed for no reason. In Somalia, women are dying of hunger. But western society only cares about the women that can’t drive in Saudi Arabia. Khadija Ben Gana  (via maham-a) 1,836 notes

infieri-infieri said: Hello! I found your blog via your pictures of the protests in the dcgaza tag. Whats happening on the 2nd? I would love to know/perhaps attend. Thank you in advance :)

Hey there! August 2nd is the big protest in DC with people coming from all over the states. People are riding out here to march to the White House. You should come!

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