Women in Mali are being tortured. In Syria, they are being raped. In Iraq, women are being jailed for no reason. In Somalia, women are dying of hunger. But western society only cares about the women that can’t drive in Saudi Arabia. Khadija Ben Gana  (via maham-a) 1,335 notes

infierinfieri said: Hello! I found your blog via your pictures of the protests in the dcgaza tag. Whats happening on the 2nd? I would love to know/perhaps attend. Thank you in advance :)

Hey there! August 2nd is the big protest in DC with people coming from all over the states. People are riding out here to march to the White House. You should come!

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The legendary musician, founder and remaining original member of #BlackUhuru, Derrick “Duckie” Simpson. #tsrowbacksursday #mylocswereswingingbro #gotoseethemagain #rootreggae

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adoseofrevolution said: Oh yeah for sure. For the first time I'm actually finding more and more people protesting and sharing things on social networks! It's really cool. :) I also hope we have another car demonstration! That was so unique and cool.

Yeah more and more people are becoming aware with the injustice so it gets a lot more people to mobilize and make things happen :) Yeah the car demonstration was really effective. 

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You are the eternal universe…

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adoseofrevolution said: YES! Me too! Should be really dope. England gets like 10 thousand and I think Chicago had a crazy number too! We live in the capital, like we should have tens of thousands of people smh.

Yeah but look who stays in DC.. corrupt gov. and politicians. I think people are just a bit intimidated because of that. But confidence is brewing in DC so it should increase rapidly. 

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adoseofrevolution said: I always forget to check if you got my message or not lol. But I believe the August 2nd one is supposed to be massive yeah! Definitely more than a thousand! I really really really hope I can go!

haha its ok! Wow more than a thousand?? I can’t wait. Hopefully I can go to! 

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adoseofrevolution said: It really was very cool. I was unable to go today due to family stuff! But my cousins went and they told me about it! I really really really hope I can make it to the August 2nd one!

Yeah I can definitely understand! Is the August 2nd one a huge one that’s happening? I hope to meet you there.

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adoseofrevolution said: I didn't even say hi when I started this message! Which was so rude of me! But yes I was! :) We had a big black van. It was such a dope demonstration!

Haha it’s ok. Yeah it was a great drive to get people aware. Did you come today to the big protest march from state department to the White House? It was great.

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